The 6 Week Strength and Hypertrophy Program

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About this program

This training program has been designed to increase strength while developing lean muscle.

This is the hardest program we provide due to the nature of the program and therefore the program is not advised for novice lifters.

This method of training has been proven a very effective way of increasing your strength lifts and shredding some body fat while putting on some lean muscle. We have developed our own unique strength hypertrophy training systems and optimised every aspect of the adaptations to generate the best results. On average, we have have our D.N.A S&C members have increased their max strength by 12-15kg, reduced their body fat by 3-4% and gained 3-5kg in lean mass.

It has been designed as a six-week micro cycle and is made up of one phase of training. The program is structured into a 4 day split of resistance training to allow the body to recover and therefore allow your body to work maximally throughout the program. If you want to increase the fat loss on this program even more it is advised that you perform conditioning sessions on available rest days, be aware that you don’t over work muscle groups you will be using for the next session or you will affect the results. Make sure your nutrition is correct, it's extremely demanding and your body will need the correct fuel to recover and perform at its best. Once you have completed the program allow for a deload period of 1-2 weeks before training intensely again, this will allow your body to recover fully.

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Program Features


The resistance training in this programs has been specifically designed to optimise the body’s response to strength and hypertrophy training. It has been designed as a six week intense cycle which is not for the novice trainer. Within these six weeks you will put on massive strength increases and lean muscle to develop your body and give you an athletic physique. This program has a full and detailed explanation and exercise descriptions as part of a week by week breakdown of the 6 week cycle.


Be cautious when selecting your cardiovascular workouts whilst completing this program. The strength training places extreme pressure on the central nervous system (CNS). Because of the overloading state of the program to continue the hypertrophy once you have completed the strength exercise, your body is constantly working under fatigue, which can potentially lead to injury if you do not allow the body to recover. We recommend utilising any of the metabolic conditioning or circuit workouts; however, potentially reduce the time of each workout to avoid over training.


The programs have been designed to fit around any lifestyle, utilising different training splits to fit around your schedule. These patterns of training allow for optimum recovery between sessions to avoid burnout and overtraining. This is one of our most intense programs so we strongly advise that you make sure you have worked out how your body is going to adjust to this style of training, and then allow for full recovery in-between sessions for best results.


The nutrition guide has been developed to provide you with the tools necessary to design your own nutrition, no matter what your fitness goals are. These guides will give you a step in the right direction and give you a solid grounding, so you can get your nutrition in check to maximise the benefits of the resistance training program. A full example of how to create your own meal plan has been provided.

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Take advantage of our free web app to view the correct technique for all exercises featured throughout our programs, wherever you are. Various sorting categories allow you to quickly find the one you need, allowing you to get back to working out sooner!

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Exercise Program Week by week intensive training program

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A comprehensive week by week program to help you meet your performance goals, including a progress tracker and comprehensive glossary.

Conditioning Guide Included for FREE with your program purchase

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Our cardio training systems have been developed to make use of all the major energy systems, helping to keep you in the best condition both during and after workouts.

Nutrition Guide Included for FREE with your program purchase

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Improvements start with the right diet! We provide you with an accompanying nutrition booklet designed to ensure you see results.

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