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About this program

This 12 week weight loss training program has been designed to reduce body fat and overall body weight. This will be done periodically using scientifically proven training systems.

This means that you will be doing multiple training systems in order to use different energy systems and subsequently fuel sources in different sessions. This is so that you can gradually increase your metabolism through High Intensity Interval Training, increasing lean mass and gradually increasing the intensity of the resistance training.

The training program has a four or five day split. This is three resistance training sessions; a push, pull and legs day, as well as either one or two conditioning sessions. This is designed so that your major muscle groups can all be targeted once a week for continuous muscular hypertrophy and strength increases, as well as increasing your levels of aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

If you choose to do the five day split, it is exceptionally important to focus on recovering efficiently between sessions to avoid injury and over use/over training. The conditioning sessions can be found in the conditioning booklet purchases as part of this training program.

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Program Features


The resistance training in this program has been designed to aid in the reduction of excess body fat through the use of endurance and hypertrophy based training systems. These training systems have been tried and proven to reduce body fat and build lean mass in order to sculpt a lean and athletic look. When used in conjunction with our conditioning systems and correct nutrition, this 12 week program has been proven to be extremely effective in reducing body fat and reveal a more toned, athletic physique.


The cardio training systems have been developed to make use of all the major energy systems. They will allow you to improve your aerobic conditioning as well as stack on explosive power through the use of metabolic conditioning circuits. We recommend the use of various styles of conditioning to use a full range of energy systems, all of which have their own role when reducing excess body fat.


The programs have been designed to fit around any lifestyle, utilising different training splits to fit around your schedule. These patterns of training allow for optimum recovery between sessions to avoid burnout and overtraining.


The nutrition guide is designed to help you to reduce your body as nutrition has a major part to play in your success. These guides will give you a step in the right direction and give you a solid grounding, so you can get your nutrition in check to maximise the benefits of the resistance training program.

Accompanying Web App

Take advantage of our free web app to view the correct technique for all exercises featured throughout our programs, wherever you are. Various sorting categories allow you to quickly find the one you need, allowing you to get back to working out sooner!

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The Complete Download Package

Exercise Program Week by week intensive training program

DNA Program Cover

A comprehensive week by week program to help you meet your performance goals, including a progress tracker and comprehensive glossary.

Conditioning Guide Included for FREE with your program purchase

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Our cardio training systems have been developed to make use of all the major energy systems, helping to keep you in the best condition both during and after workouts.

Nutrition Guide Included for FREE with your program purchase

FREE Nutrition Guide Cover

Improvements start with the right diet! We provide you with an accompanying nutrition booklet designed to ensure you see results.

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