Custom Training Programs

At D.N.A Strength and Conditioning we pride ourselves on providing the best possible service tailored for every individual whatever their goal, training experience or facilities available. These programs are designed to give each individual a training experience that is as close to personal training as you can on an online format and we strive to deliver the most professional and complete service possible. Whether you are a looking to improve your general fitness or you are a competing athlete we will provide you with a program that will maximise your results. 

Our custom packages allow us to develop a program that is unique to you, tailored in the most effective way to enhance your individual training. These packages operate on 4 week cycles that are based on scientifically proven principles of training.

Cable Row

Custom packages are only available on a minimum of 3 month blocks in order to allow our coaches to develop an appropriate periodised plan to achieve your fitness goals. Throughout the extensive screening process, your coach will set personalised and achievable goals that you can work towards over the specified time scale. 

How it works

  1. Once you have purchased your custom package, you will receive a direct email from your allocated coach who will provide you with the appropriate health questionnaire and screening questions.
  2. After receiving the necessary information, we will set your goals and discuss your program at length.
  3. We will then get to work creating your custom program and help you achieve your goals!

Prices starting at £60 per month

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