About D.N.A

At D.N.A Strength & Conditioning we aim to challenge the norm and provide our members with a service that re-defines all current online training, driving our members to achieve their maximal potential in all aspects of health, fitness and sport.

Through the use of our elite coaching, scientifically developed training systems and innovative use of technology, we have refined and developed our coaching practise to produce a high quality product that is accessible to all.

Not only do we push our coaches and members to achieve the best they can, we also aim to constantly develop and improve the service we provide by adapting to our individual members needs and requirements.

Hammer Swing

We have a wide range of products including pre-written training programs designed to achieve a specific training goal. These programs range between 6 and 12 weeks and offer week by week progressions in order to provide the best results possible. We also offer custom made programs, designed to give an individual the best possible workout with an online training package. These programs will maximise performance for both competing athletes and individuals looking to improve their general health and fitness.

Luke Clarke

  • Height (cm): 180
  • Weight (kg): 83
  • Body Fat (%): 13
  • Training Goal: Size and Strength
  • Current Program: 6 Week Strength Hypertrophy Phase 2
  • Sport: Rugby

Daniel Linehan

  • Height (cm): 188
  • Weight (kg): 115
  • Body Fat (%): 18
  • Training Goal: Strength and Weightloss
  • Current Program: Custom (Strength Hypertrophy)
  • Sport: Retired from Rugby

Our Objectives

  • Improve physical health
  • Optimise athletic performance
  • Injury Prevention
  • Member Education
  • Coaching to achieve your individual potential

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